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Let’s Introduce About Us

CCube's Angel community provides the three Cs - Counseling, Connections and Capital - that catapult a small enterprise from beyond a proof-of-concept stage to a robust sustainable business. It is not surprising that a vast majority of startups fail within the first two years of operations. In most cases, lack of funds, lack of scale, muddled marketing strategy and mission statement, an inability to cope up with constantly evolving business models and an absence of geographic diversification can trip a great idea or impede growth much before it reaches its business potential. We assist entrepreneurs in leaping over these hurdles to build a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

Who We Are

We Are Expert In Financing

The CCube team, with its vast collective experience of investing across a spectrum of business models in manufacturing, services & technology, can provide management insights to young companies and mentor them through the most crucial early-stage of the business life cycle. The CCube network - spread across geographies provides valuable contacts and reach to small enterprises looking to adopt global business practices and scale beyond their chosen niche. CCube angels look to provide scale up capital to early-stage companies with well defined & differentiated business plan post the initial proof of concept execution. CCube partners with entrepreneurs to help them grow stronger and better through its extensive operating and entrepreneurial experience. The CCube team has a proven track record in being involved in and funding multiple projects, many of them have scaled up dramatically over the years.


Majority of CCube investors are professionals from Capital Markets and Financial Services sector spread out across various asset classes. Most of these investors have interacted extensively with the Corporate sector and have excellent relationships with various companies across the world.

A few are successful entrepreneurs and can provide the necessary real life perspectives on challenges an entrepreneur will encounter as he scales up his business. We believe that an entrepreneur's association and interaction with such a set of investors has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the growth trajectory of any business.
Frontline Strategy manages the transaction right from investment sourcing to in-depth analysis and finally closing the transaction .