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CCube investors are generally sector agnostic. CCube's investors target business models which are scalable and possess a differentiating edge. Our investments cover a wide spectrum of models and sectors ranging from internet plays to real estate derivative plays to retail chains.

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CCube, structured as a pledge fund, brings together a set of investors who understand business and entrepreneurs who require scale up capital to achieve the next level in their growth trajectory. CCube's attempt is to be the first institutional investor in a differentiated high growth company. CCube is focusing on India and the ASEAN region and aims to plug its portfolio companies with the rest of the world through its partner network. Our contribution goes beyond just capital and includes assistance with strategy formulation, market penetration and key introductions: made possible by our extensive interactions with multiple companies over the years.

CCube is seeking to assist early stage entrepreneurs realize their dream of building successful companies through strategic counseling, network connectivity and risk capital in a manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders involved.

CCube embodies the power of collective investing. Membership is by invite only and the group represents over 500 members currently. We estimate that CCube represents a recurring corpus in excess of US$50m dedicated towards investments in early stage companies.


Majority of CCube investors are professionals from Capital Markets and Financial Services sector spread out across various asset classes. Most of these investors have interacted extensively with the Corporate sector and have excellent relationships with various companies across the world.

A few are successful entrepreneurs and can provide the necessary real life perspectives on challenges an entrepreneur will encounter as he scales up his business. We believe that an entrepreneur's association and interaction with such a set of investors has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the growth trajectory of any business.
Frontline Strategy manages the transaction right from investment sourcing to in-depth analysis and finally closing the transaction.